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Starting at the foot of Pikes Peak, Fountain Creek Canon Ave Stone Bridgeis a mountain stream flowing year-round through Manitou Springs, Colorado and four community parks. The creek provides a natural ecosystem within a highly urbanized area.

  • A mountain stream of extraordinary beauty in each of the four seasons, many species of wildlife have depended on the creek's aquatic and riparian habitat for their survival. In addition, people have always valued Fountain Creek as one of the natural wonders of the area.
  • The quiet rush of a mountain stream is soothing to the ear, and beautiful to the eye. In the heart of Manitou Springs along the south bank, a granite boulder bears an inscription marking the start of Ute Trail, a tribute to the deep meaning Fountain Creek has to local residents, past and present.

The quiet rush of a mountain stream is soothing to the ear, and beautiful to the eye.

Fountain Creek is a valuable and precious natural resource. A sense of urgency exists due to habitat deterioration of the headwaters of Fountain Creek from nearby urbanization. Modifications to the surrounding landscape have altered natural ecosystems, in some cases permanently. Collaboration between public and private stakeholders will be critical to restoration projects, balancing urban pressures with the strong desire to enhance Fountain Creek.

Fountain Creek

A key issue in restoring local stretches of Fountain Creek is the need to ensure upstream conditions do not degrade restoration efforts. A long term goal is collaboration with government, business, and private citizens as stakeholders working together to preserve habitat restoration efforts all along Fountain Creek. With better water quality and management of the headwaters, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and other Arkansas River communities will find their restoration efforts a little easier.